Warcraft Rumble Dungeon Guide

Dungeons operate similarly to regular zone battles, but they come with unique limitations and adjustments.

Each week, dungeons are assigned a specific army family, and your gameplay is restricted to a leader from that given family. For instance, during Horde week, you could choose an army led by Cairne Bloodhoof, Grommash Hellscream, or Sneed. While you retain the ability to select the troops you wish to include, we advise sticking with troops from the same family. This is because many of the benefits within the dungeon promote family synergy.

How it works?

Upon selecting your leader, you’ll have the opportunity to pick a unique Relic before entering the initial fight. An example is the Aegis of Battle, which provides any Horde Minis close to your leader the chance to deal critical damage to their adversaries. A new Relic can be chosen before each battle, resulting in three active Relics for the final fight.

To successfully complete a dungeon, you must win three consecutive fights without a single loss (unless you possess an Ankh of Resurrection, which can be acquired after winning certain fights).

Each boss you conquer grants you Arc Energy, which can be utilized to enhance your minis. Upon completing an entire dungeon run, you’ll be able to upgrade the leader you employed, awarding them an additional bonus XP slot. This slot provides bonus experience to your units if matched with their unit type.

However, each dungeon run completed with a particular leader heightens the difficulty for future runs with that same leader. If the difficulty level becomes overwhelming, consider diversifying your strategy and upgrading a different leader within the same family.



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