Warcraft Rumble Tier list

Our Warcraft Rumble Tier List is meticulously curated by our team of experts who have carefully studied each mini’s capabilities, traits, and possible synergies within Warcraft Rumble. This detailed list is designed to offer accurate and informative insights into the game. For a deeper understanding, click on the mini icon to uncover comprehensive details including the mini build, stats, and traits pertinent to Warcraft Rumble.

Our latest Warcraft Rumble Tier List is up-to-date, reflecting the most recent game update’s mini information. Keep coming back to stay updated with the ever-evolving dynamics of the Warcraft Rumble universe. 

Last Update: December 5, 2023

Warcraft Rumble is a tactical game that emphasizes the building of a deck. What matters most in the rating of a mini is not only the stats of the mini itself, but also how well the mini can work with others. Therefore, how a mini can fit into every team is taken into account when we rate the minis.

If you’re just starting out with the early content of Warcraft Rumble, there’s no immediate need to focus on the tier list. However, if you anticipate continuing the game in the future, the tier list can serve as a reference to help you determine where to best allocate your resources in prior among the minis.

Ratings explaination :

  • SS – The minis is OP and is fit in every leaders’ teams 
  • S – a great minis that can be played is most teams
  • A – a good minis with some limitations
  • B – unremarkable minis with limitations

Marks at change log means :

  • ↑ : Rating increases compated to last update
  • ↓ : Rating decreases compated to last update
  • : New minis just added to the tier list

Criteria of rating minis :

  • Performances in PvP and PvE are both considered.

  • Equipped with the best talent. (You can check minis build page to see the best talent for the minis)

  • Minis at level 15. (As the game is just launched, most players are around this level)

  • Flexibility of the mini – How the mini performs in different teams.

  • Survivability of the mini – Both the survial stats and surival abilities are considered.

  • Mobility of the mini – How fast the mini can move, can the mini be deployed in anywhere in the map (Minis with the trait “unbound” are usually considered with a higher rating)

  • Supporting functions to allies.

  • Damage Output ability – Single-target minis and AoE minis are compared separately.


  • [Chain Lightning] A S – In PVP, Chain Lightning is a very powerful card for dealing with Whelp Eggs, so this adjustment was made.
  • [Cheat Death] B A – In Heroic difficulty, Cheat Death plays a crucial role in certain levels. The key point is that you don’t have to upgrade Cheat Death to a very high level to use it, making it a very cost-effective option.
  • [Fire Elemental] B ↑ A – As an Elemental Tank, it has different strengths compared to Quilboar, particularly in PVE scenarios, especially in Weekly Dungeons where it plays a critical role.
  • [Darkspear Troll] A ↑ S – Darkspear Trolls with the talent for self-healing can single-handedly take down a tower, and their long-range abilities provide them with certain advantages in certain PVE situations as well.
  • [Meat Wagon] B ↑ A – The Meat Wagon, when upgraded with the talent that increases its range, has the highest appearance rate in certain levels of Heroic difficulty, including even the final boss of this version, Onyxia.

Previous changes

  • [Sylvanas Windrunner] S A – Although Sylvanas Windrunner is the best Ranged AoE minis, her high cost still makes her difficult to use, and the uncontrollable Banshees she summons upon death, which do not carry talents, add even more variables when using her.
  • [Rend Blackhand] SS S – Rend Blackhand performs exceptionally well in PvP and is not weak in PvE, but his capabilities can’t be fully leveraged in the current environment. This is due to the absence of standout 3-cost flying troops to pair with him.
  • [Jaina Proudmoore] S A – Although she is a 3-cost leader and Blizzard is very strong, the functionality she can provide is still too limited. Moreover, you won’t put two spell cards in your team, which results in her Leader Ability having too few opportunities to shine. Let’s look forward to whether the popularization of Deep Breathe can enhance her position.
  • [Dark Iron Miner] A S – Dark Iron Miner performs exceptionally well in Deadmines. The importance of resource in PvE is paramount. Dark Iron Miner doesn’t need to participate in combat; his role in controlling mining points far from the main force is already very OP.
  • [Flamewaker] A B – Flamewaker can’t target Flying units like the Blackrock Pyromancer, nor is it a flying unit like the Bat Rider. This results in it is very seldom seen in both PvP and PvE.