Warcraft Rumble F2P Tier list

Our Warcraft Rumble Tier List is meticulously curated by our team of experts who have carefully studied each mini’s capabilities, traits, and possible synergies within Warcraft Rumble. This detailed list is designed to offer accurate and informative insights into the game. For a deeper understanding, click on the mini icon to uncover comprehensive details including the mini build, stats, and traits pertinent to Warcraft Rumble.

Our latest Warcraft Rumble Tier List is up-to-date, reflecting the most recent game update’s mini information. Keep coming back to stay updated with the ever-evolving dynamics of the Warcraft Rumble universe. 

Last Update: November 18, 2023

Given that the majority are F2P (Free to Play) players, that’s why this F2P Tier List comes into play. For F2P players, as resources are quite limited, they can only focus on training a subset of MINIS. Therefore, choosing which Minis to train first becomes very important.

This Tier List is designed for F2P (Free to Play) players. For a conventional tier list, please refer to this.

What exactly is an F2P tier list?

It’s a list where all minis are assessed without any talents applied.

The presumption is that all minis are of common (white card) quality.

Essentially, it serves as a guide suggesting which characters F2P players might want to focus on training.

Ratings explaination :

  • SS – The minis is OP and is fit in every leaders’ teams 
  • S – a great minis that can be played is most teams
  • A – a good minis with some limitations
  • B – unremarkable minis with limitations

Criteria of rating minis :

  • Performances in PvP and PvE are both considered.

  • The minis are rated with no talent. (You can check minis build page to see the best talent for the minis)

  • Minis at level 15.

  • Flexibility of the mini – How the mini performs in different teams.

  • Survivability of the mini – Both the survial stats and surival abilities are considered.

  • Mobility of the mini – How fast the mini can move, can the mini be deployed in anywhere in the map (Minis with the trait “unbound” are usually considered with a higher rating)

  • Supporting functions to allies.

  • Damage Output ability – Single-target minis and AoE minis are compared separately.

Warcraft Rumble F2P Minis Tier List

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