Warcraft Rumble Builds

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Family and Unit Type

There are Five Factions in Warcraft Rumble. They are Undead, Alliance, Blackrock, Beast and Horde.

Each Mini will have their own trait and can be divided into two types: Leader and Troop.

Builds explanation

When strategizing your Warcraft Rumble builds, it’s key to understand that each Leader’s optimal style and the best lineup configurations are not set in stone. They depend on a diverse array of factors. Your build for Player versus Player (PvP) encounters in Warcraft Rumble can be influenced by multiple elements such as the map of the season, affixes, the types of defense towers, the popular decks in the current season’s environment, and even your personal gameplay style.

In the same vein, your Warcraft Rumble builds for Player versus Environment (PvE) will require you to consider the level and dungeon you’re tackling. You’ll need to adjust your lineup to meet the unique mechanics of each boss, which may require the use of certain specialized cards. The extent of each player’s deck collection and the individual power of each card can vary greatly, so blindly mirroring decks is not recommended.

Take for example, if seasoned players advise using a card with an ‘S’ strength rating in your Warcraft Rumble builds, but your card is a common (white) one, and you have another card with similar functionality rated ‘A’ or ‘B’ that you’ve upgraded to a green card with talents, it would be more beneficial to use the green card with talents. This is especially true in PvE encounters, where the strength of the numbers is a pivotal consideration.

So, when crafting your Warcraft Rumble builds, keep two aspects in mind. First, make it a point to peruse basic strategy guides and aim to allocate resources predominantly on high-rated cards that offer stability and versatility across a broad spectrum of scenarios. This makes the task of adapting strategies simpler. Second, if your deck is primarily common or green cards and you stumble upon a blue or even purple card in the shop that can act as a central output or frontline melee unit, consider revising your build to incorporate this card, taking full advantage of the numerical superiority of its high level.

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