Tirion Fordring Stats

Tirion Fordring

Tier SS Cost 4


One - Target

Level: 1



Area Damage




Attack Speed





Medium (2)





Tirion Fordring Overview

The legendary terror of Elwynn Forest. Mercilessly CLEAVES aspiring adventurers and rallies Gnoll Brutes to his cause.

Tirion Fordring Leader Ability


Holy Light

Heals all nearby friendly units.

Tirion Fordring Traits


Strong vs Ranged units.


Strong vs AoE units.


50% Physical damage reduction.


Heals friendly units.

Tirion Fordring Talent

Best Talent

Divine Shield

Gain a magical shield at 30% health, absorbing all damage for 5 seconds.


Regularly consecrate the ground, damaging enemies within.

By The Light

Heal the primary target for twice as much.

Tirion Fordring Build & Deck

Tirion Fordring
Gryphon Rider
S.A.F.E. Pilot
Murloc Tidehunters
Dark Iron Miner

Build Explanation

When considering the two Alliance slots, the initial selection should prioritize the two top-tier units from his faction, namely the Gryphon Rider and S.A.F.E. Pilot.

The Gryphon Rider itself proves highly adept at providing versatile output in a methodical manner. When paired with Tirion Fordring, it possesses the ability to swiftly recover from any incurred damages. As for the S.A.F.E. Pilot, its exceptional capabilities require no further explanation, as it excels in various troop functions. Through the Fortification talent, the Footmen, a unit that players with limited or moderate in-game purchases may typically overlook, becomes remarkably resilient when combined with Tirion Fordring, forming an exceptionally sturdy team.

Turning our attention to the remaining three slots, the prioritization for Tirion Fordring’s advancing formation deviates from that of other leaders.

The foremost choice without a doubt is ranged units, considering the absence of an Elemental slot. In this position, the most optimal selection undoubtedly lies in the form of the formidable Necromancer, the strongest advancing back-line unit available. The summoned skeletons it brings forth can also capitalize on Tirion Fordring’s group healing ability. Additionally, the small skeletons possess the capability to impede enemy units, thereby bolstering Tirion Fordring’s chances of survival. The inclusion of the Dark Iron Miner assists Tirion Fordring in efficiently managing distant gold mine resources. Through the Dark Iron Armaments talents, it can also accompany Tirion Fordring in countering towers and fulfilling a supplementary role. Lastly, we have the Murloc Tiderunner, equipped with the Safety Bubble talent.